Hello again my friends. If you made it this far you truly are the reason i believe in Angelz. Welcome to the newest, and hopefully final home for Kellie’s list. I’ve decided to keep the peer groups separate from the zine for privacy reasons to the people who are seeking help and for those offering help anonymously. Here’s what’s going on. 

First, this site is going to be whatever the universe and the Angelz make it. I’ve started off with a single group for my inner circle, my helpers, and a general start up information group, as well as individual pages for the listing of your personal sites and pages called the human support league. 

…Also as you should already know…:

I do this in my free time when I am not in bed with depression or illness, so to keep it going, as well as to keep each other lifted and to truly serve others and be there in times of need, we don’t ever ask for money, just that you share information and pages with your groups and pages. 

I can’t thank you enough for being here, and for your continued service to your fellow man.